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    Kata Szokoli


    I tried to make these things many ways, but I can’t. Please, help me:

    • how can I put the menu horizontal center?
    • how can I put the text logo vertical center? In line with the menu.
    • I can’t use the Barlow Condensed font. It’s a google font, but not in the list.
    • by the quick view I removed the link from the image, but I can’t take off from the title. (I don’t want to link to the pages, I just want to use the quick view lightbox.) If I hover to the title, I don’t want changes. Don’t want to change the title to linked title and don’t want to switch the price to the select options text.
    • the prices below the image titles are €30, but it’s not true. The prices are ‘from €30’. Can I write there somehow the ‘from’ word?
    • in the quick view lightbox two prices visible. The €30 and the price of the choosed sized image. It has no sence. I think the upper, red price should change if I change the size, or not? But I would be satisfied if I could take off the red price 🙂 Or write before the price the ‘from’ word
    • the ‘size’ word in the quick view lightbox, before the dropdown is not in vertical center.
    • the sizes in the dropdown is not in that order what I set

    Sorry for the many question, but in the last week I really tried to solve these things alone, but nothing worked. I really appreciate your help!


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    I’m sorry for any issue,
    1, You can go to Appearance >> Customize >> Additional CSS and add line code for the center menu
    .header-container .header .horizontal-menu #mega_main_menu_first > .menu_holder .menu_inner > ul{text-align:center;}
    2, I’ve seen the text logo is well, I don’t understand
    3, Our theme use Redux Framework, and it use google api for font, you can give me WP Admin that I can check
    4, You can modify our theme or use CSS code to remove or disable the link in the title. “Select Options”, “Add to cart”, “View Product” is the string that links to your product or adds to cart, if you want remove it, your customer can buy it
    5, It is default price, you can modify it or give me ftp info, I will modify for you
    6, You can modify our theme
    7, You can go to Appearance >> Customize >> Additional CSS and add line code this
    .quickview-wrapper #quickview-content .product-info .quick-add-to-cart .cart .variations .label{padding:10px}
    8, I will check this in wp admin
    Note*: You can give me wp login and ftp details in private reply

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    Kata Szokoli
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    In Q8,
    I see that they sort by Attributes in Products >> Attributes
    You can sort again here

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    I’ve edited Header 1 in WPBakery Page Builder >> Templates
    You can check again

  • #35065


    I use CSS code to disable the link,…
    You can see them in Theme Options >> Custom CSS.
    And you can check again

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    Q5,6, I change it to low price – high price

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    Kata Szokoli

    Thank you Nic, I’m very grateful for your help!

    Have a nice day!

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    Kata Szokoli

    Sorry, it’s me again 🙁

    Q4 is OK on the desktop view, but I can still open the page on tablet/mobil view. Can you help about this issue?

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      I removed all link in product title for you,
      With Barlow Condensed Font, I don’t know why your site can’t find from google fonts, Can you choose another font?

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    Kata Szokoli

    Thank you very much!

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    Thanks for all

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    Kata Szokoli


    after the last update of the theme, I lost the content of the Appearence / Customize menu. (Image attached.) I wrote codes in the custom CSS part and I want to change back one of them (I need a link on the product images), but now I can’t.

    My second problem is, that there is a design problem on the checkout page. The checkboxes before PayPal, and the therms and conditions, and the GDPR sentence.

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    Kevin Sobo
    Kevin Sobo

    We can’t login to FTP, Admin. You provide them again

    Kind Regards

    RT Team

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