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Website URL: https://drinks-ontap.com
Purchase Code: Please provide correct purchase code

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    Peter Cales

    Hello there,

    I could use some help. I want to add the Phone  Numbers: 0203 553 1284 Mobile: 07804 598 333 and Support Email: [email protected] at the top of the header just like Image B attached. I want to Add Image B to Image A or keep the rest as is and Make the entire header like Image 3.

    Also because the header is broken into sections Meaning the menu is limited to 5 links else they overflow to the bottom any chance Image 3 to fix this? Because my full logo big enough to be visible cant fit in the space provided any way around that to make it big enough like in IMAGE 4?

    And how can I add pagination to all the products pages under shop eg. https://drinks-ontap.com/spirits-liqueurs/ has a lot more than just 12 products and the rest wont show up.


    How can I fix this? I keep getting this error “Your theme (Konado Child) contains outdated copies of some WooCommerce template files.”

    We have just spent money on an entire new these as the previous one wasn’t giving us what we wanted we have a strong feeling this will fix it all for us.

    We will be very grateful with your support.


    <p class=”p1″>dev_drinksntap</p>
    <p class=”p1″>sof(8(ZsBKI*DZW(</p>
    <p class=”p1″>To log in with FTP, use this info:</p>
    <label>Host:</label> ftp.drinks-ontap.com

    <label>Username:</label> drinks-ontap.com

    Pw: OWW5zAtvzNVM1$DS

    <label>Port:</label> 21

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Peter Cales

    Purchase Code f5d7ff89-5b3c-4a8d-8f77-ac67314248db

    Theme Konado

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    Kevin Sobo
    Kevin Sobo

    We can’t connect to FTP. Can you check and provide it again ?


    RT Team

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    Peter Cales

    Hello there,

    I am trying to import the Hotel City

    As for the FTP details are as follow;

    Host: http://ftp.drinks-ontap.com

    Username: drinks-ontap.com

    PW: OWW5zAtvzNVM1$DS

    Port: 21

    They work as I have just logged in

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    Kevin Sobo
    Kevin Sobo


    We fixed for you.

    If you have any question. You can contact to mail: [email protected] . We don’t support here anymore


    RT team

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